PAS (motor wheel) – Power Assist System

PAS (motor wheel) – Power Assist System

Auxiliary Power Motor

  • Rated Voltage: DC24V
  • Rated Power: 120W
  • Recommended Ambient Temperature: -10~50°C
  • Working Environment: Indoors


Advantages for End Users

  • Easier to move, reduce the pushing force.
  • Less transportation time. More efficiency.
  • Easy charging.


Advantages for Manufacturers

  • The motor and rubber tyre are combined as one unit, easy to install.
  • The motor and the battery are separated, which makes it easier for delivery and replacement.
  • The PAS caster can be provided together with H322 caster (Double wheel), or H66 caster (Single wheel), as one set of perfect solution for your carts.


Adoptable Applications



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