HAION New CIS marks the 40th anniversary

New CIS for 40th Anniversary!


We are a Taiwanese enterprise based in Asia. You may not be familiar with the name HAION, but you have surely been exposed to the wide range of professional casters produced by us in various medical establishments.

Founded in 1980, HAION is committed to providing reliable, high-quality and professional caster products that meet clients’ needs. We also offer flexible and customized services based on your unique requirements, producing casters for use in hospital beds and a wide range of medical equipment.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, HAION has doubled production capacity to meet market needs, yet demand still outstrips supply. We are grateful for the support from clients around the world, and remind ourselves to always strive for excellence. We sincerely look forward to HAION’s quality casters becoming key components for your company’s products, contributing to your success.

HAION will mark its 40th anniversary in 2021. To celebrate the occasion, we have completely redesigned our brand identity system. The new, streamlined logo is a combination of grey and orange. The grey stands for HAION’s no-nonsense corporate character and its strength in advancing through solid steps; the orange reflects a corporate culture of reliability, warmth and energy. Most importantly, the wheel-shaped space between the two colors of the H in our logo symbolizes our positive and upward attitude, and our willingness to communicate with you to—as our company motto goes and a good wheel should—smooth your way.

More than being a manufacturer of casters, HAION aspires to provide your company with the best transportation solutions, meeting all your transport needs. In the future, I hope that HAION and your company can create success together, and contribute to a better world.

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