H499 Central Locking Caster

H499 Single Wheel Central Locking Caster

  • Housing- no chink & streamline design, dust and water drop is not easy to remain on the surface
  • Metal brake- not easy to break (Metal stem)
  • Inner locking mechanism enhances the wheels to avoiding deviation and saves 15% of moving force
  • Wheel core with gear is injection-moulded with tread, enhance the strength of wheels.
  • Special design of cambered surface makes the wheels with dual noiseless precision ball bearing in both swivel head and the middle of the wheels reduce the contact area on the ground while moving.
  • Traditional brake will result in the damage and scratch the wheel with sounds.
  • Wheels keep static even on a slope of 15 ∘angle
  • Technical design for safety.
  •  Brake can be used more than 10,000 times of standard EN12531 up to 30,000 times.

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